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about us

Your Way Cleaning Services ensures your business is putting its best foot forward with a clean and professional look. We provide commercial cleaning services to a variety of businesses, from general office buildings to car dealer showrooms and more. Let us come in and do the dirty work so you can concentrate on running your business.

We will work with you to set up a cleaning schedule that works for your business, whether it's overnight cleaning or cleaning during the day. Daily, weekly, or even monthly schedules are available. Make sure your work environment is clean so you can provide a healthy workspace for employees and a spotless environment for customers and clients.


with your way


You receive first-class cleaning with green, eco-friendly products free of harmful  chemicals – we are GHS, OSHA, and Infection Control Certified


Your information and possessions are safe with us – our people are thoroughly checked and verified


We provide flexible cleaning packages that meet your specific needs. Our tracking strategies allow us to analyze progress and continue offering tailored services

“Your Way 24/7 Cleaning Services are efficient, professional and accommodating to all our cleaning needs. We would recommend them for all  cleaning jobs on any site.”

Office Manager


Repeated studies show the reduction in cost for outsourcing cleaning services is so significant there really is no other option. Why is this? The reduction in cost of the employee, the benefits, the taxes, the training, the hiring, retention, replacement, and increased liability, but there are still costs to outsourcing. Yes there are, but when added up they are still less than hiring and maintaining a steady, consistent cleaning staff member

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